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Analyze applications and processes by role

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AppBus is the only digital business platform that fast-tracks integration to generate end to end process automation while enabling secure application delivery to any device.

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Stay in front of market demand; by reducing implementation time by over 80%
It's a rapidly evolving market, integration has to keep pace
With a zero trust architecture model, you can securely meet requirements
Address increased regulatory and compliance risks
Drive end to end operational efficiency with insight
Understand exactly which applications are used, how often and by whom
Complete and immediate visibility of your role-based experiences
Align assets to drive productivity and performance

Who Are We

The Team

We assembled a world-class team to build and deliver our disruptive technology. We embrace collaboration and welcome the challenge to make AppBus a dominant force in the experience economy.

Meet several of our esteemed team members.

Solution Architect

“AppBus has people who truly believe in the value of teamwork, paired with a strong product suite that has the potential to lead the future of the industry.”


"The leadership in this company is top notch and it is clear that they are invested in the product, the people and the company’s success. I am thrilled to be part of this ‘family’ and to be on this journey with AppBus as we continue to gain momentum in the market."

Sales Engineering

"I'm most excited about the future of AppBus because the platform is capable of reducing the amount of time that back office tasks consume, freeing up employees worldwide to engage in more thought driven exercises."

Some words about us

Our Mission: Accelerate the digital transformation eXperience.

AppBus is the only digital business platform that fast-tracks integration to generate end to end process automation while enabling secure application delivery to any device.

AppBus combines the power of RPA, API Management, and Endpoint Management to seamlessly meet the rising expectations of employees, customers, and partners.

With AppBus, embracing change is easy and fast. AppBus leverages existing enterprise assets, enables automation and process transparency, all designed to accelerate the delivery of optimized user experiences.

Our Vision: Deliver the digital control plane that drives the experience economy.


Some of our happy clients

Latest Thinking

Discussion that matters

Stay current on evolving business solutions and problems facing today’s modern companies. Learn why AppBus is a thought leader in accelerating digital transformation eXperiences.

Why the Future of Work Will Change

There are several important factors that are and will continue to drive organizations to re-think how work is done going forward.

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A New Frontier in Augmented Intelligence

On December 9th, 1968, Doug Englebart—American engineer, inventor, and early computer pioneer—catapulted computing into the modern age with a jaw-dropping and highly influential computer demonstration now widely known as “The Mother of All Demos.” Englebart’s extensive research proved that computers could do much more than crunch numbers—they could actually augment the intelligence of workers to make them more effective.

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The future of computing is human—and context-aware

“With all of this discussion of automation technology, however, one fact remains steadfast: Business processes are mostly about humans and the work that they do. Process automation technology will continue to improve as it has for centuries, but the real story here is a human one.”

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AI, Situational Awareness And The Impact On Business Productivity In The Enterprise

As the industry has created various AI-driven technologies, a change in thinking has started to take place. Big vendors, consulting firms and analysts are now talking about Augmented Intelligence as these systems enhance and augment human capabilities, versus operating as autonomous systems. IBM has been at the forefront of driving this change in thinking.

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