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Analyze applications and processes by role

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Securely deliver optimized role-based experiences to any device

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AppBus is the only digital business platform that fast-tracks integration to generate end to end process automation while enabling secure application delivery to any device.

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Stay in front of market demand; by reducing implementation time by over 80%
It's a rapidly evolving market, integration has to keep pace
With a zero trust architecture model, you can securely meet requirements
Address increased regulatory and compliance risks
Drive end to end operational efficiency with insight
Understand exactly which applications are used, how often and by whom
Complete and immediate visibility of your role-based experiences
Align assets to drive productivity and performance

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The Team

We assembled a world-class team to build and deliver our disruptive technology. We embrace collaboration and welcome the challenge to make AppBus a dominant force in the experience economy.

Meet several of our esteemed team members.


"My colleagues are some of the most talented, passionate people I've ever met. Every day is a blast interacting with them!"

Business Development

"We started this company because we saw a huge gap in the organizations where we worked that we could fix."

Sales Engineering

"AppBus has strong IP and a completeness of vision that positions it well to redefine how organizations manage the integration and overall lifecycle of their applications and services."

Some words about us

Our Mission: Accelerate the digital transformation eXperience.

AppBus is the only digital business platform that fast-tracks integration to generate end to end process automation while enabling secure application delivery to any device.

AppBus combines the power of RPA, API Management, and Endpoint Management to seamlessly meet the rising expectations of employees, customers, and partners.

With AppBus, embracing change is easy and fast. AppBus leverages existing enterprise assets, enables automation and process transparency, all designed to accelerate the delivery of optimized user experiences.

Our Vision: Deliver the digital control plane that drives the experience economy.


Some of our happy clients

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Stay current on evolving business solutions and problems facing today’s modern companies. Learn why AppBus is a thought leader in accelerating digital transformation eXperiences.

AN AUTHENTIC GAME CHANGER – But don’t just take our word for it.

Nothing gets us more pumped up than to read an article or blog by a technology authority who ‘gets it.’ We are excited to be the focus of Andrew Mallaband’s latest article published on LinkedIn. For those that don’t know Andrew, he is a highly respected technology executive who has a gift (and the experience) to recognize valuable business technology solutions. His focus is always on the bottom line…

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It’s that time of year… THE REVIEW.

Organizations anxiously await the review of how they stacked up in 2018 and projections for 2019.

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What makes AppBus unique and how it enables companies to realize a true service oriented strategy

While the term “micro-service” has at this point been through the full hype-cycle, even the most cynical reader will agree that a service-oriented strategy can provide many benefits to organizations. When properly executed, it allows organizations to much more rapidly add, extend and integrate services. However, the realities of actually implementing this strategy are often more complicated than they first appear.

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How two bus platforms intersect to deliver value

A question we get quite often at AppBus is how we compare to a platform like MuleSoft. This is an understandable question given that MuleSoft is at its core an ESB and AppBus has “bus” in its name. The short answer is that there is some overlap in functionality, but the two companies are solving different problems. This post will focus on the areas where the technologies overlap. In some cases, these common features will be in direct competition. However, more often than not, the functionality overlap is a natural integration point between the two solutions.

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