June 5, 2017

Proven Track Record of Innovation

The team behind the AppBus Platform has an impeccable track record of both invention and delivery. The team’s achievements have been universally defined by on-time and under budget delivery of business value, especially within large financial institutions. Two industry inventions have shaped the team’s thinking:

  1. 1997 Seamless Application Interface (US5878258)
    • World’s first application bus for pub/sub
    • Event Manager
    • Context Manager
    • Resource Manager
  2. 1999 Distributed Adaptive Computing (US6480861)
    • Foundation for Cloud and Grid Computing
    • Foundation for Micro-services Architectures
    • Foundation for elastic, self-healing, adaptive computing systems
    • Referenced by Microsoft, NEC, IBM, Vormetric, HP, AT&T, Cisco, etc.

The team brings deep expertise across many areas, including:

  • Auto-scaling, self-healing, metrics-based mesh of autonomous micro services
  • Resilient systems capable of surviving a variety of infrastructure failures
  • Instrumentation of distributed systems to provide rich activity logging


Large Scale Computing

In the 90’s large scale computing was defined by inflexible infrastructure built to handle peak load. Most of the provisioning workflows needed to be done by hand and systems could not easily rebalance to meet changes in load or business needs. When failures did occur, they required human intervention to remediate. At this time, the idea of a self-provisioning or self-healing networks was still in its infancy.

User Interfaces 1990-today

Most user interfaces are disjointed, application-centric, and not extensible. Navigation and design conventions differ across platforms in ways that force users to learn new interaction patterns. Inter-app communication is extremely difficult, not only because the application may not have an API, but also because there is no consistency between the APIs and data schemas, even across the same appplication written for more than one platform.

All of these challenges make adding new features and capabilities a significant challenge. Making sure these applications are secure is also a real challenge to get right and is often an afterthought for many application developers. On top of this, getting consistent insight into usage patterns for all applications relevant to your business is nearly impossible.

Our Solution

Appbus provides a distributed control plane in the form of an application bus which facilitates the communication between all applications. This allows applications to share information, without directly communicating with the target applications. This allows you to externalize the logic which governs which users can see what information for a given context.

The reason AppBus can do this effectively is because AppBus Container wraps all applications that are running on a device in order to facilitate this context sharing and to provide a much higher level of security. This container runs on IOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

AppBus makes any app secure enough to be exposed to mobile users using unmanaged devices operating on untrusted networks without the need for a VPN. In addition to simply securing communication and making the apps mobile ready, Appbus’s distributed control plane allows for meaningful integration between applications that were previously time and cost prohibitive.

Recent Awards

PACT Phorum 2017 – Best in Show

AppBus (formerly 51 maps) Takes Home Phorum ‘Best in Show ’ at Phorum 2017 Phorum 2017, the enterprise technology conference sponsored annually by Fairmount Partners and LiquidHub, was designed to help executives fully understand the technology they use and how that technology can be applied to transform the enterprise to achieve business goals.

Innovation Lab Winner

A select group of leading-edge financial services technology (fintech) companies demonstrated their products and services to dozens of top bank, venture capital and technology executives today at the sixth annual New York FinTech Innovation Lab Demo Day.