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The future of computing is human—and context-aware

“With all of this discussion of automation technology, however, one fact remains steadfast: Business processes are mostly about humans and the work that they do. Process automation technology will continue to improve as it has for centuries, but the real story here is a human one.”

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AI, Situational Awareness And The Impact On Business Productivity In The Enterprise

As the industry has created various AI-driven technologies, a change in thinking has started to take place. Big vendors, consulting firms and analysts are now talking about Augmented Intelligence as these systems enhance and augment human capabilities, versus operating as autonomous systems. IBM has been at the forefront of driving this change in thinking.

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Breaking Barriers

Digital Transformation (DX) is not a new topic yet it remains a hot topic. Just do a quick search and it will reveal broad results around enterprise technology architecture, transformation of user experiences and how digital transformation is changing the role of the CIO and CTO. You will also find a new role that is sharing the digital transformation challenge, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

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The AppBus Experience Platform is not your dad's ESB. We concur.

Intellyx, an analysis and advisory firm focused on agile digital transformation, recognizes that customers – both end consumers and business users – expect more options, higher quality and better service at competitive prices with on-demand availability. They expect multiple digital touch points with the companies they buy from as well as the companies for which they work.

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