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The AppBus Experience Platform is not your dad's ESB. We concur.

Intellyx, an analysis and advisory firm focused on agile digital transformation, recognizes that customers – both end consumers and business users – expect more options, higher quality and better service at competitive prices with on-demand availability. They expect multiple digital touch points with the companies they buy from as well as the companies for which they work.

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AN AUTHENTIC GAME CHANGER – But don’t just take our word for it.

Nothing gets us more pumped up than to read an article or blog by a technology authority who ‘gets it.’ We are excited to be the focus of Andrew Mallaband’s latest article published on LinkedIn. For those that don’t know Andrew, he is a highly respected technology executive who has a gift (and the experience) to recognize valuable business technology solutions. His focus is always on the bottom line…

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It’s that time of year… THE REVIEW.

Organizations anxiously await the review of how they stacked up in 2018 and projections for 2019.

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What makes AppBus unique and how it enables companies to realize a true service oriented strategy

While the term “micro-service” has at this point been through the full hype-cycle, even the most cynical reader will agree that a service-oriented strategy can provide many benefits to organizations. When properly executed, it allows organizations to much more rapidly add, extend and integrate services. However, the realities of actually implementing this strategy are often more complicated than they first appear.

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