AI, Situational Awareness And The Impact On Business Productivity In The Enterprise

April 12, 2019

As the industry has created various AI-driven technologies, a change in thinking has started to take place. Big vendors, consulting firms and analysts are now talking about Augmented Intelligence as these systems enhance and augment human capabilities, versus operating as autonomous systems. IBM has been at the forefront of driving this change in thinking.

Instead of focusing on how autonomous robots can eliminate the workforce, the story today is about how AI-driven technologies can augment and improve the productivity of your employees. Augmented Intelligence will increase the quality, consistency and efficiency of your workforce.

AppBus adds a new dimension to Augmented Intelligence through its ability to bring contextualized experiences to employees. Increasing an employee’s level of situational awareness, based on the circumstances at hand, can have a profound effect on decisions made and actions taken to consistently deliver positive business outcomes.

By way of example, imagine a situation where an employee responsible for collecting accounts receivables has a list of unpaid invoices. They have a record of the client's contact information and details of an outstanding invoice in the finance system. Separately there is an open ticket in the customer support system because the product supplied has a fault, and the support team is in the process of providing a resolution. There is also a record in the CRM system of a large sales opportunity in the pipeline with this customer, but the opportunity is stalled because of the support issue.

In this circumstance, imagine how the employee might react differently with full situational awareness, versus a situation where they only know about the outstanding invoice.

There are a number of challenges in creating a full picture of this situation. The first challenge is that the relevant data is held in three separate IT applications. The second is that even if the employee had access to these systems, there is often significant time involved logging in to all of these separate applications and navigating to the relevant records of each.

A more streamlined approach where a contextualized experience is automatically created for the user, providing a view to all relevant data, is far more desirable. It eliminates a lot of heavy lifting enabling employees to increase the speed and quality of their work.

The AppBus approach to Augmented Intelligence provides greater situational awareness for employees. Beyond creating contextualized experiences from traditional Enterprise IT applications, AppBus provides insight by tying together other technologies such as complex AI queries, different types of BOTs, and Robotic Process Automation creating the desired level of situational awareness needed today.

Now imagine how increased situational awareness could be applied throughout the workflow of your business processes, and the positive business outcomes that might result…

Higher levels of increased customer satisfaction, lower customer churn, new sales opportunities, faster time to problem identification and resolution, improved cash flow, and increased levels of compliance are just a few examples, which ultimately result in more efficient and effective business processes.

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