The AppBus Experience Platform is not your dad's ESB. We concur.

January 28, 2019

Intellyx, an analysis and advisory firm focused on agile digital transformation, recognizes that customers – both end consumers and business users – expect more options, higher quality and better service at competitive prices with on-demand availability. They expect multiple digital touch points with the companies they buy from as well as the companies for which they work.

As the focus of an Intellyx Brain Candy article, Jason English of Intellyx states the AppBus Experience Platform (AXP) is not your dad's ESB. We concur, meeting modern expectations means moving beyond the middle tier with a distributed bus architecture that functions end to end.

The AXP design enables the digital transformation journey for organizations by:

• Quickly integrating applications that don't have APIs

• Empowering users and automations by including human interactions

• Seamlessly providing end to end insight into user activity across applications

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