The future of computing is human—and context-aware

May 15, 2019

“With all of this discussion of automation technology, however, one fact remains steadfast: Business processes are mostly about humans and the work that they do. Process automation technology will continue to improve as it has for centuries, but the real story here is a human one.”

- Jason Bloomberg It’s all about people: Dispelling the five myths of process automation

AppBus concurs: the real story is a human one—and one that is best told in context.

To make effective decisions, we need to have the right information—or context—available for the situation at hand. Context can be defined as any information used to characterize the situation of a relevant person, place, or thing at a given point in time.

Having the appropriate context means being able to filter through the noise to deliver exactly what customers and users need, right now. Real-time access to relevant information leads to smarter in-the-moment decisions and more personalized, targeted actions. Context-sensitive businesses use what they know about people, products, and situations to customize approaches and solve problems before they arise. Without context, the big picture may be lost, along with the opportunities it provides.

As we speak, context is being used all around us to make decisions that sell products and services, increase productivity, and influence perceptions. Uber uses context to overlay the locations of its cars on Google Maps, making its work process faster and more efficient. Facebook and Google sell context about their users to other organizations launching personalized marketing campaigns. Your business may use context about current or potential customers, their product use, and their buying habits to craft winning sales pitches.

Contextual information that can support effective decision making is more readily available than ever before. It comes from internal and external sources, both public and private. It exists in many formats, and can relate to people, organizations, products and services, assets, and countless other subjects.

Fully exploiting context in business settings by leveraging available information presents new opportunities to improve performance: making the workforce more effective, enhancing products and services, serving customers better, protecting and increasing revenue streams, and addressing competitive threats.

Transforming your business processes with context-aware computing can be complex and challenging. You may need to unlock the business logic and context in older “legacy” applications, integrate information sources with various data formats across diverse networks and security parameters, simplify and streamline user experiences, and integrate the many different devices used by your workforce. Additionally, protecting your organization’s security from the increasing threat of ransomware and data breaches is critical to the transformation process.

AppBus is the first and ONLY vendor to deliver a unified platform that enables organizations to overcome all of these transformational challenges while thoroughly integrating context into everyday business processes. With the AppBus eXperience Platform (AXP), your organization can fully exploit the potential of context-aware computing without the need for significant re-engineering of existing IT applications and infrastructure.

As Bloomberg states in the article referenced above, “business processes are mostly about humans and the work they do.” To understand their customers and users, and to make effective decisions that will grow their businesses, human organizations require context.

How can your organization—and its computing—become more context-aware? With AppBus, empower your workforce to reach it’s full potential.