AppBus Partner Program

We are interested in working with the industry leading Go-To-Market partners. AppBus is a product company and considers partners strategic and critical to realizing the full potential of the AppBus eXperience Platform. Inter-connectivity between applications is one of the core value drivers of the AppBus eXperience Platform. We value partners with expertise in these areas.

Global Systems Integrators

Global Systems Integrators can leverage the power of the AppBus eXperience Platform to enable the delivery of broad service portfolios. Now applications that were developed by different teams or companies can be securely and sanely exposed to end users as an integrated solution.

Business Process Outsourcing

The AppBus eXperience Platform allows business process outsourcing companies to optimize, automate and utilize advanced technologies (AI, RPA, etc..). Because Appbus does not require access or change to source code, BPO's can effectively deliver value across a large application portfolio. Ultimately this allows BPO's to meet or exceed service levels.

AppBus Inside OEM Program

The AppBus Inside program is a natural fit for companies because it allows them to embed or package the 5 components of the AppBus eXperience Platform in whole or in part to end-user customers. Our platform promotes the extensibility of your capabilities either across the enterprise or more deeply into specific applications.

Technology Alliance Partners

The AppBus Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program is designed to accelerate the creation of an ecosystem built in combination with the AppBus eXperience Platform to provide solutions for our joint customers. This program is aimed at technologies that potentially benefit in some way from either integrating with AppBus DCP or consume the output of AppBus Datastream to provide key business insights.

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