At AppBus, we are committed to working with our partner network; leveraging existing enterprise capabilities, enabling automation and process transparency, to ensure the collaborative delivery of eXperience management solutions.


"The AXP Insight Suite brings the power of our analytics solutions to mobile and connected workers securely where and when they need it. In addition, the transparent activity recording capability allows us to use analytics to optimize business processes and to help satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements."

CTO of Analytics, Leading GSI

Global Systems Integrators

Global Systems Integrators can leverage the power of the AppBus eXperience Platform to enable the delivery of broad service portfolios. Now applications that were developed by different teams or companies can be seamlessly and securely consumed by end users as an integrated solution. Global Systems Integrators can leverage the industry’s most comprehensive experience platform, AXP (Container Suite, Integration Suite and Insight Suite).

Business Process Outsourcing

The AppBus eXperience Platform allows business process outsourcing companies to optimize, automate and utilize advanced technologies (RPA, API Management, Endpoint Management, etc.). Business Process Outsourcers can use AppBus to increase profits and customer satisfaction. Because AppBus does not require access or change to source code, BPO's can effectively deliver value across a large application portfolio. Ultimately this allows BPO's to meet or exceed service levels.

AppBus Inside OEM Program

The AppBus Inside program allows OEMs to embed and/or package the components of the AppBus eXperience Platform in whole or in part to both end-user and partner customers. AXP increases the extensibility of your products across the enterprise or more deeply into specific applications. AppBus embraces its OEM Partners to deliver to industry in a sell-through business model.

Technology Alliance Partners

The AppBus Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program is designed to accelerate the expansion of our ecosystem. Technology Alliance Partners can build and deliver their solutions in combination with the AppBus eXperience Platform to provide solutions to joint customers. Technology Partners will broadly benefit from AXP. AppBus embraces its Technology Alliance Partners to deliver to industry in a sell-with business model.

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