AppBus eXperience Platform

The only approach that enables more efficient business processes at scale. AppBus eXperience Platform provides a set of design and management tools for creating robust integrations and automations.

DRIVE - Continuous Innovation

DRIVE - Continuous Innovation

Imagine Everything as a Service.

Bringing people, processes, and applications together to transform business at scale.

AppBus eXperience Platform

Elevate API-less applications into OpenAPI specification services for enterprise consumption.

Enable information assets and services to be seamlessly organized and delivered as smart, context driven digital workspaces to any edge device.

Reduce infrastructure cost

Increase productivity

Support scale

Support mobile initiatives

Increase performance

Built on zero-trust security architecture

DESIGN - Seamless Interoperability at Scale

DESIGN - Seamless Interoperability at Scale

Unleash the power of your enterprise with the flexibility to create services tailored to address the needs of your business in the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Preserve and extend existing technology while accelerating innovation, all designed to drive adoption of applications - new and old - to remain competitive.

Serverless RPA Features

Create API’s for applications that lack API’s, regardless of their underlying architecture.

Allows maximum participation in an optimized way, applications are interoperable and where necessary highly automated.

Combine the power of existing core competencies with new service models to generate sustainable business value.

Integrate without modifying applications

GUI based application builder for rapid development

Create modern APIs for applications that do not have them

Powerful API catalog, gateway and management tools

Distributed bus pub/sub model for a powerful abstraction

Next gen BPM tool to better model processes and decision points

DEPLOY - Optimized Employee eXperiences

DEPLOY - Optimized Employee eXperiences

Unlock the power of your business, bring context to the forefront of your services with secure role-based delivery.

Exceed expectations with access to the workspace on any device, anywhere.

Digital Workspace Features

A smart, context driven way to organize, automate, and securely deliver applications to any edge device.

Empower performance and productivity with a 360-degree omnichannel view.

Seamlessly consume existing entitlement and authentication frameworks. Easily deploy and apply our Zero Trust Architecture and N-Factor authentication to any part of a service.

Smart workspaces for sharing contextual data and intelligent navigation

Secure application delivery without Mobile Device Management

Zero Trust model architecture that encrypts all data at-rest and in-motion

Leverage existing entitlement systems and protect apps with N-factor authentication

Supports all major edge platforms including IOS, Android, Windows, and macOS

Customizable HTML5 user interface for maximum flexibility

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