June 5, 2017

AppBus Platform Components

AppBus DCP (Distributed Control Plane)

All of AppBus’s solutions are brought together using AppBus DCP which is a distributed application bus. This allows for passing context between applications without the underlying apps having any awareness of the other applications running on the bus. It is now possible to meaningfully integrate disparate applications into a cohesive workflow and avoid vendor lock-in by not doing point to point integrations.

AppBus Container

The AppBus container is available for IOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. All applications that run in the container are signed, which means any potentially malicious software that a user can download will not run on the device. Another critical component of securing an application is ensuring data is encrypted in-motion and at rest. All applications that run in AppBus Container are secured at rest and in motion, which includes IOS’s browser cache. This allows you to much more effictively grant access to company systems and resources to untrusted and unmanaged devices with the assurance that the applications that run within AppBus Container are secure.

Additionally AppBus Container can recognize touch events and convert them to be relevant to VDI/Published applications. For example, a user could access a native version of Outlook through AppBus Container and swipe between calendar weeks.

Containers can be updated remotely and only show applications that the user is authorized to access.

AppBus Manager

AppBus Manager allows for fine grain control over what end users have access to. Each user will see a version of AppBus Container that corresponds to their role within the organization. For example, two users could log into AppBus Container running on the same device and because encryption is done on a per user basis, each could securely use and access applications and documents relevant to their role.

AppBus Insight

AppBus Insight is the real-time activity stream for user actions. This allows visibility into where users are within a product and the type of data they are looking to access. This can be streamed to BI platforms to provide unprecedented insight into user behavior. You can also alert off of user actions which you deem to be abnormal, like a sale executive downloading an abnormally high number of client documents over the last hour.

In addition to providing insight that can help optimize workflows, the AppBus Insight is extremely useful for compliance and user audit logging use cases.

AppBus Integrator

AppBus Integrator auto generates a REST API on top of legacy applications without the need for a published API. The target applications can span a variety of application types, .Net, JAVA, Webapp, etc… AppBus Integrator provides a simple wizard that allows users to point and click the area or field within an application that they would like to take an action on or retrieve data from. This process hooks into the application runtime and therefore is much more robust relative to simple screen scraping approach. This requires no code changes to existing Windows applications to be fully integrated.

Much of the value of these legacy applications comes in the form of the business and regulatory logic that is often built up over the years. Rewriting these applications in a cost-effective way is often impossible. AppBus Integrator, when combined with the other technologies in the AppBus portfolio, allows you to make these legacy applications accessible from anywhere, on any device in a secure manner. You can now easily integrate with other systems, re-skin the application to improve UX or add new functionality in response to evolving business needs.

AppBus Products

AppBus Suite

AppBus Suite provides the complete suite of AppBus components to provide unparalleled security, visibility, control and integration across all of your applications. Leverage the full power of user and application context to drive new efficiencies across your application portfolio. Whether your users are on iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS, or your applications are new SAAS offerings, legacy terminal programs or Windows applications, your workforce will be able to securely access the applications they need to be productive anywhere and on-demand.

AppBus Tracker

AppBus Tracker provides valuable usage-based insight into how users are accessing various applications. Every organization is looking to reduce the number of tools, to minimize costs and complexity. However, in a large organization it can be difficult to know which applications are delivering value, and which are shelfware. AppBus Tracker solves this problem by providing detailed metrics on which applications are being used and how often. Like all of AppBusā€™s solutions, this is achieved without changing the underlying source code of any of the monitored applications.

With AppBus Tracker you can now make sensible decisions about license reallocation and application retirement. You should only pay for applications that deliver value to the business. AppBus Tracker provides a non-intrusive way to do that, resulting in fast and significant ROI.