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The AppBus eXperience Platform gives you the power and flexibility to adapt to the needs of your business in an ever-changing technology landscape.

The platform preserves and extends your existing investments in technology while allowing you to accelerate adoption of the innovations your business needs to remain competitive.

Operational Efficiencies
Operational Efficiencies

Improve productivity and response time to customer needs and challenges. Empower Sales, Support or Contact Centers to exceed service level agreements.

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Reduce Security and Compliance Risk
Reduce Security and Compliance Risk

Utilize a universal security framework applied to processes across applications and operating systems. Audit all user activity, across all applications with adaptable granularity.

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Enable Clinical Operational Efficiency
Enable Clinical Operational Efficiency

Accelerating the integration and automation of applications and processes. Drive efficiency and effectiveness of ClinOps and the speed of study start-up.

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BYOD - End User Experience
BYOD - End User Experience

Drive improved interactions while making employees happy. Employees can securely access needed resources from any untrusted device and network.

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Business Agility
Business Agility

Gain powerful insights for faster response to emerging opportunities and shorter time to market. Readily consume merger and acquisition transactions.

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Branch or Facility Transformation
Branch or Facility Transformation

Enable innovation and manage cost across the extended enterprise. Transcend security and network obstacles to deliver optimal customer experiences.

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Life Sciences Case Study


A Mandate To Change

Clinical operations are being challenged by a 10-12% increase in clinical trials each year. To compound the problem, the complexity of many trials are also increasing with more data sources, decision points and regulations. The only way to meet sponsor expectations and accelerate Study Start-up processes is to simplify the integration and automation of applications and processes.

Manual and redundant data entry is time-intensive, error-prone and leads to poor data quality.


Empower ClinOps

The AXP solution accelerates the process by streamlining the creation of robust integrations with guided process automation. AppBus dramatically increases the speed of study start-up as our integrations don’t require application modification. AppBus ushers in a new era of Clinical Operation optimization to ensure positive business outcomes in R&D, Clinical and Commercial areas.

Human and machine collaboration - drive efficiency and effectiveness of clinical operations


3 Applications: EDC, CTMS and Safety

The Clinical Research Associate manually enters the Severe Adverse Event (SAE)

• EDC emails to Drug Safety Admin.

• 20 min./SAE redundant data entry

• Manual entry to CTMS and Safety System

• ++ Additional minutes for updates

• 3-8 hours/month App reconciliation

• Plus 8 hours/month - Preparation for manual report data extraction from EDC

Increased time and cost of trial


Align assets with efficient processes

The Clinical Research Associate manually enters the Severe Adverse Event (SAE)

• EDC automatically populated

• Zero redundant data entry

• CTMS and Safety system seamlessly populated

• Time gained for other tasks

• Eliminated monthly App reconciliation

• Eliminated preparation for manual report data extraction from EDC

Enable more efficient processes

“The innovative breakthrough for us was our ability to integrate applications that do not have APIs removing the need to touch the source code. The automation within these integrations dramatically improved the efficiency of how we process adverse events. Additionally, AXP delivers a unified audit trail, across all apps, for CRO management, and sponsor review.”

Atlantic Research Group

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