Use Cases

June 5, 2017

Supporting Regulatory Mandates

AppBus audits all user activity, across all applications down to the key stroke. See which apps employees are using and what kind of information they are requesting access to.

Mobile Workforce Enablement

AppBus drives improved interaction with customers while making it easier for the agent to access business systems. It doesn’t matter if the application is a cloud app, or if it exists on your company’s internal network. Employees can now access all of the resources they need from an unmanaged devices from untrusted networks thanks to AppBus’s security model.

Support BYOD

Secures, integrates, and streamlines enterprise applications for employees on consumer devices

Contact Center Productivity Enhancement

AppBus allows you to pull together all of the applications that a rep needs in the context of a client.

Reduce Need for VPN

Appbus’s security model supports the movement to public broadband Internet access. This typically reduces cost and improves overall service quality.

Enhanced Security

Data is secured in-motion and at-rest while access to the data is controlled by existing enterprise authentication and authorization systems. AppBus also supports geo-fencing. If users take a device too far away from the office, or travel to a country where there is a higher risk of company data being compromised, then it becomes impossible for the user to log in an access the data. This is configurable on an app-by-app basis.